Product Description

GF Harvel EnviroKing®UV has been developed as a clear UV resistant PVC piping that is suitable for exposure to sunlight. Unique UV blocking technology reduces harmful ultraviolet light wavelengths from penetrating the plastic while allowing beneficial wavelengths through.

These unique attributes provide a durable containment vessel that has been optimized to improve light transmission through the pipe without jeopardizing product integrity.

GF Harvel EnviroKingUV ThinWall

GF Harvel EnviroKing® ThinWall™ is a low-pressure containment pipe which provides optimum dimensions for use as photobioreactor vessels and similar green technology applications. For example, when used in photobioreactors, the unique wall dimensions improve light transmission characteristics beneficial for enhanced algae growth, while maintaining product rigidity.

GF Harvel EnviroKingUV Schedule 40

In addition to ThinWall™, GF Harvel EnviroKing®UV is also manufactured in IPS sizes to Schedule 40 dimensions, which provide sufficient wall thickness for many pressure applications. It is suitable for use in both positive and negative pressure applications (i.e., vacuum service). As with all schedules of thermoplastic pipe, pressure rating is dependent on the pipe diameter selected as well as the operating temperature of the system. As temperatures rise, the pressure rating of the system decreases. Smaller diameter piping can withstand higher pressures than large diameter piping. Refer to the table below for dimensions, tolerances, and pressure ratings.