Design Recommendations

GF Harvel EnviroKing®UV piping has been successfully incorporated into both vertical and horizontal photobioreactor designs for the cultivation of microalgae and other photosynthetic organisms. Plastic piping systems must be designed, engineered, handled, installed and operated in accordance with accepted industry standards and practices to ensure the highest system integrity. Consideration should be given to ensure that EnviroKing®UV piping is not exposed to any conditions that will exceed product limitations regarding temperature, pressure, chemical compatibility, and mechanical strength. With all thermoplastics, as temperatures increase, pipe stiffness, allowable stress, and pressure bearing capability decrease. These fundamental material characteristics as well as other engineering and design properties must be considered and addressed by the system design authority to ensure proper piping system design.

EnviroKing®UV piping products are more susceptible to heat deformation and mechanical loads than conventional PVC; particularly ThinWall dimensions when incorporated into horizontal piping runs. ThinWall pipe is more susceptible to buckling stress if not supported properly. In addition to providing proper support spacing to prevent sag based on the temperature the pipe is exposed to, the hangers/supports utilized must also provide circumferential support to the pipe to maintain roundness. GF Harvel EnviroKing®UV pipe should not be deflected more than 3% of its original outside diameter (OD) to prevent excessive stress on the pipe. Additional circumferential reinforcement may be required when working with horizontal runs of large diameter ThinWall piping to keep allowable deflection within the 3% deflection limitations. This is dependent on the degree of temperature exposure, weight loading, and any other mechanical loads the pipe may be exposed to. Common approaches include the use of couplings, sleeves, flanges, or other components used as stiffeners to provide additional reinforcement (circumferential support) around thin wall pipe at specified intervals determined by the system design authority. Refer to Hangers and Support section under the heading of Installation for additional information.