Caution Areas

GF Harvel does not recommend the use of this product or other rigid PVC/CPVC piping products for the transportation or storage of compressed air or gases, nor the testing of these systems using compressed air or gases.

Although GF Harvel EnviroKing®UV maintains its physical properties when exposed to many substances, exposure to certain chemicals can affect the clarity of the product over time. Certain nitrogen-containing organics, bleaches, oxidative agents, and acids may result in discoloration. Testing under actual use conditions is recommended. These facts should be considered if optimum clarity is required for the system by testing under actual use conditions at the initial design phase of the project. Chemical compatibility should be confirmed prior to use in chemical service environments, Please contact GF Harvel Technical Services at 610-252-7355 for additional information.

Threading or grooving of GF Harvel EnviroKing®UV pipe is not recommended due to insufficient wall thickness. Use standard PVC specialty transition fittings where applicable.

GF Harvel EnviroKing®UV products are suitable for use in areas where ambient temperatures are within the range of 35°F to 140°F. Appropriate temperature de-rating factors must be applied when working at elevated temperatures to determine the maximum allowable pressure. Since pressure bearing capacity is not reduced with a decrease in temperature, EnviroKing®UV is suitable for use in colder temperature environments provided the fluid medium is protected from freezing, consideration is given to the effects of expansion and contraction, and additional care is given during handling, installation and operation of the system to prevent physical damage caused by impact or other mechanical forces.

 Caution EnviroKing®UV piping products must be protected from freezing.