Design & Installation

The following information is considered general in nature and is provided as a reference to assist in ensuring the highest system integrity during installation. Plastic piping systems must be designed, engineered, installed, and operated in accordance with accepted industry standards and practices, as well as any applicable code requirements. Suitability for the intended service must be clearly established prior to use. Proper selection, application, and installation of plastic piping products are the responsibility of the end user.

Joining Techniques

GF Harvel EnviroKing®UV is compatible with conventional IPS size PVC pipe, fittings, and valves and can be joined via the solvent cement joining process, providing a quick, strong, leak-tight seal. For optimum joint integrity, GF Harvel® recommends the use of a medium-bodied, fast-setting PVC solvent cement in conjunction with a PVC primer, such as IPS Weld-on 705 Clear cement and IPS Weld-on P-70 Clear primer. Details on proper solvent cementing techniques are available from GF Harvel and must be reviewed for proper assembly and joint integrity. Refer to GF Harvel Engineering & Installation Guide (HPB-112/401), click here, or contact GF Harvel Technical Services for additional information.

Where disassembly is required, GF Harvel EnviroKing®UV can be easily joined in the field using standard rigid thermoplastic pipe fittings and joining techniques such as flanges, molded grooved coupling adapters, threaded fittings, and unions. Joining options are limitless when overall system clarity is not a necessity. When threaded fittings are utilized GF Harvel recommends the use of Teflon® tape for making reliable threaded connections. (Certain thread paste compounds may contain stress cracking agents; contact the paste manufacturer for compatibility with PVC prior to use.) Generally, two to three wraps of tape in the direction of the threads on the male end, followed by one to two turns beyond finger tight is all that is required to make a leak-free connection.