Research & Testing

Defining Quality
Pushing the standards of quality has been a trademark at GF Harvel since the company’s beginnings. On-site, highly sophisticated, testing laboratories feature industry-leading technology and equipment developed to specifications engineered exclusively at GF Harvel. The industry’s most current understanding of quality is defined right here.

Flattening Resistance
Uniform strength and product consistency are continually monitored through rigorous testing on all GF Harvel products. Flattening resistance is one test method used.

Hydrostatic Testing
GF Harvel’s highly sophisticated pressure chambers measure the extreme pressure-bearing capability limits of all pipe sizes up through 24-inch diameters.

Impact Resistance
Durability and toughness are continually verified for each production run. Rigorous drop-impact testing at varying temperatures is one way to ensure GF Harvel products exceed industry standards.

Research and Testing Research and Testing Research and Testing